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Do I need a medical ID card to buy medical marijuana?


Can I still get arrested for having marijuana with me?

Although medical marijuana is decriminalized for possession and use by certified medical marijuana patients, If you’re not a medical marijuana patient and don’t have a medical ID card, you could still face arrest, fines or jail time for possessing marijuana in Mississippi.

Will my health insurance pay for my medical marijuana?

No. Your health insurance company will not pay for medical marijuana. Health insurance companies won’t pay for medical marijuana because it is still a Schedule I controlled substance.

When can I begin using medical marijuana?

The Mississippi Department of Health must begin issuing ID cards and business licenses for cultivators, processors, testing centers and treatment centers by June 2022. After that, business owners can begin growing and processing cannabis.

When can I buy medical marijuana?

Products should become available for purchase around December 2022.

Where can I buy medical marijuana?

Patients can buy medical marijuana products at licensed dispensaries such as Lift Off and The Good Jar. You will need your medical marijuana ID to do so. Federal law prevents medical marijuana from being dispensed at retail pharmacies.

Can I stock up on my medical cannabis? Will there be rules on how much I can be prescribed?

Yes. Patients may only be allowed to possess 3 ounces of medical marijuana per month.

So, can I smoke medical marijuana in Mississippi?

Yes, you can. Any and all types of marijuana products can be used. There are no restrictions on the type of products allowed to be sold or consumed or how a patient consumes it. (Which means, yes, you can smoke marijuana, if that’s what your doctor thinks is best for your condition).

Can I drive a car while using medical marijuana?

No. Just like non patients, medical marijuana patients should not drive while under the influence of medical marijuana. You also should not operate an airplane, train, boat or other motor vehicle while under the influence of medical marijuana.

Will I get arrested if I have my cannabis with me in a non-medical state?

Yes. It’s also a federal crime to transport marijuana across state lines. Some medical marijuana states will honor another state’s medical marijuana patient status.

If I’m a medical marijuana patient in another state, can I buy medical marijuana in Mississippi?

Initiative 65 says you must have a medical marijuana card issued by the Mississippi State Department of Health to buy products from dispensaries and state treatment centers. As of now areas such as Mississippi are non reciprocity, meaning they will not show recognition of a patient’s medical cannabis card from another state.

Can I still get drug tested at work if I’m a medical marijuana patient?

Yes. Legal medical marijuana does not override any drug testing rules set in place by your employer or the government. Such matters are left to your employers discretion.

If I’m a medical marijuana patient, can I smoke it in public?

No. Publicly smoking medical marijuana results to a fine.

When can I apply to be a cultivator?

Businesses interested in cultivating marijuana can apply for a business license by June 3, 2022.

When can I apply to be a processor?

Businesses interested in processing marijuana can apply for a business license by June 3, 2022.